Photo Booth Custom Designs
A great photo booth design ensures your guests will keep their party photos forever!
When your guests leave the party and go home they move on with their lives and throw their photo in the drawer. A few days later they'll look at it and decide if their party photo is trash or treasure. One of the deciding factors is how professional the design looks. If the design looks great and they like the photo it's going on the fridge or in the scrapbook. Always make sure you love your photo booth print design!
Below are some sample designs we made. There are 2 types of designs below;
1. Print Design Samples
2. Animated Gif Designs


sample miami photo booth print designs
miami photo booth sample

miami photo booth sample2

miami photo booth sample3

miami photo booth sample4

miami photo booth sample5

miami photo booth sample6

miami photo booth sample7

miami photo booth sample8

miami photo booth sample9

miami photo booth sample10



miami photo booth rental animated gif

miami photo booth rental animated gif1

miami photo booth rental animated gif2

miami photo booth rental animated gif3

miami photo booth rental animated gif3

miami photo booth rental animated gif4

miami photo booth rental animated gif5



Why Choose Our Designs?

Our team of in-house graphic designers will make a design your guests willl love!
Most of our competitors scroll through google to find a design, or they purchase a few designs online from other companies, and then they reuse the same templates over and over.
The fact is that most photo booth owners are not graphic designs nor do they posess the skills to make great designs! This is one of the reasons why you don't see this issue addressed on most photo booth companies websites!

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