Our custom made home run derby baseball game pits you against a big league pitcher in one of several big league stadiums (including Yankee Stadium). You get 5 or 10 pitches to see how many home runs you can hit swinging a real baseball bat (padded). Professional play by play commentary calls strikes, foul balls, home runs, home run distance, and more! Game tracks the top ten players who hit the most homeruns and homerun distance. Customizable stadiums and logos can be added. A great baseball game that is lots of fun and unique!
Includes attendant, 75″ TV, baseball bat, Astroturf, home plate, cones.  Requires access to 110 electric within 100 feet.

Baseball Home Run Derby Game

Face A Big League Pitcher And See How Many Home Runs You Can Hit Swinging A Real Baseball Bat (Padded).
Includes Attendant, 75″ TV, Baseball Bat, Astroturf, Home Plate, Cones. Requires Access To 110 Electric Within 100 Feet.

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